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Barkley support Eddie Jordan as coach

Mike Kern reporting ...

Former Sixers forward Charles Barkley said he thinks the team should hire Eddie Jordan as its next coach.

Speaking on a conference call to promote the American Century Championship of celebrity golf, Barkley said, "I think Eddie Jordan would be a fine choice. They're going to have a good, solid team. They're pretty much stuck with the team they've got for the next few years, because they're paying guys so much money. I think he's a helluva coach. He did a good job with Washington. That team probably overachieved. Him getting to the playoffs every year, people thought they deserved to go further, but they weren't that good. And Tony DiLeo, he did a good job. This year, you've got to give him credit. But he wanted to go back upstairs."

Barkley, coming off his work with noted golf instructor Hank Haney, is among the celebrities in the field for the July event in Lake Tahoe.

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