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Iverson Would Have To Make Good

Source: Iverson will be offered a non-guaranteed contract.

The 76ers are prepared to sign free agent guard Allen Iverson, but only if Iverson is prepared to accept a non-guaranteed contract, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The Sixers would offer a pro-rated $1.3 million, the veterans' minimum for players with at least 10 seasons of experience; Iverson is in his 14th season, the first 10-plus of which he spent with the Sixers.

The source said the Sixers are awaiting a response from Leon Rose, Iverson's agent.

The Sixers want to see whether Iverson is serious about his desire to return to the team. The contract would be guaranteed for the remainder of the season if he is on the roster Jan. 10.

The Sixers' responsibility in a guaranteed deal would be for roughly $600,000-$650,000.

The source also said that the earliest Iverson could be ready to play would be next Monday at home against the Denver Nuggets, but they have not targeted a specific date. They will not do that until a deal is finalized.