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Iverson could miss more games

Sixers guard Allen Iverson, who is battling an arthritic left knee that had to be drained twice this week, could be out of the lineup until the Sixers start a West coast trip in Utah on Dec. 26.

Sixers coach Eddie Jordan said after the shootaround in Boston this morning that Iverson would be back for tomorrow's game at home against the Clippers. But in the pregame meeting with media, Jordan said Iverson would be out tonight and tomorrow, possibly out Tuesday at Washington and then return in Utah.

"We think for certain he'll be ready by the end of next weed, maybe by Washington, not tomorrow night. He's been battling some issues that we think he'll be really, really healthy by next week."

A Sixers official clarified that "there is certainly a possibility that he could be out by Utah, it depends on what Dr. Jack[McPhilemy] and how he [Iverson] feels tomorrow. Is there a possibility he could play tomorrow? Yes. Depending on how he feels. However, if he is not responding well, there is the thought process that maybe we hold him out tomorrow and Tuesday and then let him get an extra week of rest then bring him back for Utah."

In a nut shell, the rest would probably be better for Iverson, but we've seen him deal with and play through pain before.

Stay tuned.