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Sixers get trampled in Chicago

The Sixers trailed by 51 points in getting stomped by the Chicago Bulls

Coach Doug Collins called the drubbiing an aberration.

Andre Iguodala said that his team hasn't been playing that well, and against better teams it shows.

Whatever the reason, the Sixers 121-76 loss to the host Chicago Bulls was as ugly as it gets.

Collins said the game was a clunker, which might be a huge understatement. At one point the Sixers trailed by 51 points. 51 POINTS! Haven't seen anything like that since watching high school games.

Iguodala didn't see that as being the case, though.

"The last 10 games, we've just been getting by," he said of a team that had won 8 of the past 11 going into the Chicago game. We've been getting some wins at home but I don't think we've been playing good basketball. Other teams have not been playing well against us.We've been playing well enough to win against the teams we've been playhing, but when you play against top-notch teams you kind of get exposed a little bit."

So what is it? Well, probably somewhere in between. Losing to any team in the league by 45 points is an aberration. But Iguodala has a point in what he says. The team has beaten up on lesser teams, but isn't that kind of what the Sixers are too?

Though they haven't beaten one of the beasts of the league, the Sixers have been playing much better lately - before Tuesday night. That is very obvious.

You have to lean more towards Collins' explanation of aberration than the other way. Then again, with six more consecutive games on the road, including Wednesday at Boston (which has won 13 in a row), we probably will find out whose explanation of the 45-point loss was more on target.

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