Hey Y’all! This is SnapGlow Team Member Chelsea:

I confess: some days, I wake up and I hate my hair. My woes may vary depending on the day or the weather (anything from “too flat,” to “too frizzy”, to “how the heck did my split ends multiply by one-hundred overnight!?”), but the feelings a Bad Hair Day produces are always the same: shame, humiliation, and a desperate need to rip my hair strand by strand from my head, because honestly, bald might just be better than this.


                Okay, perhaps I’m being mildly dramatic, but when it comes to my hair, any defense against future bad hair days is nothing short of a necessity. Here’s what caught my eye. Salon Rouge in Cherry Hill has a full menu of shampoos and hair treatments to choose from as soon as you cross over the threshold. Whether your curls are out of control (try Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious shampoo) or you’re in need of serious volume (the Logics Reconstructing Volume Wrap should do the trick), there seems to be something for every hair type at Salon Rouge. And, while the shampoos are complimentary, call before you go and ask if there are any special discounts on treatments, as the salon has new ones every week.


              Personally, I’ll be heading over for a Bumble and bumble Crème de Coco Masque ASAP. My hair needs major moisture before the frying summer sun shines down on Philly full-force. And, since treatments from Salon Rouge can last up to two weeks, I’ll have more days than usual with stress-free tresses. Yippee!

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