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Cary Williams apologizes to Eagles teammates

Cary Williams said he stood up in front of his teammates on Tuesday and apologized for public comments he made following the Redskins game about Eagles coaches working players too hard during practice.

"I did that out of anger and frustration. I could have been better in that situation," Williams said. "I spoke to the team today. I addressed each man in there. Told them that I was sorry for what I said and put them in a difficult situation. I told them it won't happen again.

"I told them I won't talk negatively about the team or where we're going. We are 3-0. That's something to be proud of. I am happy that we are 3-0 because things could have gone otherwise."

While Williams conceded that he was being honest about his emotions at the time, he said that he should have kept his displeasure in-house.

"I try not to lie. In that situation I don't think I did," Williams said. "But still I should have kept it in-house."

Williams met with Eagles coach Chip Kelly on Monday and characterized their conversation as a productive one -- one that both "got something great out of it."

Several of Williams' teammates said that they didn't think it was necessary for him to apologize, but said that they appreciated his sentiment. Kelly said Monday that he had "no issues" with Williams.

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