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Chip Kelly has not been contacted by Florida, said speculation is 'silly'

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Wednesday that neither he nor his agent has been contacted about the Florida coaching vacancy, and he wouldn't take a call if it came. He said he "laugh[s]" at the speculation because it's "silly."

"It's a rumor," Kelly said. "It's not the truth. I think things that are false are silly."

Kelly, who reportedly drew the interest of Texas and USC last season, said he's happy in Philadelphia. But he also said he was happy as offensive coordinator at New Hampshire and head coach at Oregon.

"Our whole mantra around here is 'be where your feet are'," Kelly said. "My feet are right here, and my feet are right here. I can't control what other people think and what other people write. I've never been concerned with it or will be concerned with it. I've been very, very fortunate in my career. Everywhere I've been has been a great situation. I've been an unbelievable situation at New Hampshire and I loved it there, I could have stayed there for the rest of my lfie. And the same thing at Oregon. I loved Oregon, I loved those players. …I loved that group, I loved that coaching staff, I loved being in Oregon, I loved everything about it. But I had the opportunity to come here. So I've been very happy to be everywhere I've been, and I'm happy to be here now."

Running back Chris Polk and tight end Trey Burton returned to practice on Wednesday.