Eagles coach Chip Kelly said his offense faced third and long too many times and his defense allowed too many third and long conversions to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in Sunday's loss.

In his day-after news conference, Kelly acknowledged that "nobody on offense played very well" in a benchmark game against the defending Super Bowl champions, who defeated the Eagles and then disparaged them in postgame remarks,

Kelly detailed his relationships with Seattle coach Pete Carroll and several Sehawks players, and said he was surprised to hear of the remarks. "I thought both teams had a lot of respect for each other," he said.

Other highlights:

*Asked about the many conversations he had with officials about Seattle's defensive tactics downfield, Kelly said all contact isn't prohibited, that the defender has to impede the receiver. " 'Incidental' is the term they use," Kelly said. Of course, given the size of the Seattle corners, if they get a hand on a receiver, you could make a case that he likely is being redirected or impeded, but the "crackdown" that made the preseason even more unwatchable than usual seemed to die out along with Daylight Savings Time, around the end of October.

*Kelly said the Eagles, with just 45 snaps, "certainly didn't run enough plays."

*Kelly indicated zone defenses are limiting the explosive plays Riley Cooper is able to make.

*Kelly said he spent time with LeSean McCoy Friday evening, after the unexpected death of a cousin McCoy was close to, that McCoy took part in Saturday's practice and "expressed to us he really wanted to play."

*Kelly said he thought his receivers were "hot and cold" against Seattle's press coverage. He said after seeing Richard Sherman in person, he agrees that Sherman certainly is the best cornerback in the NFL.

*Kelly said he has gotten no update on quarterback Nick Foles' healing collarbone. A source close to the situation said Foles will get another scan after the Dallas game this weekend.

*Kelly said defenses have adjusted to limit the impact of Darren Sproles.

*Kelly said he relies on the maturity of his players in bouncing back from a loss. "I just think they understand it -- it doesn't define them ... You have to answer to yourself. You know how well you played, you know how you performed on a given day. You're going to have days when you're really successful. We've had days like that. You're going to have days it doesn't work out the way you want it to work out. You're not going to pack your bags, after that, take your ball and go home.  I don't think we have a group like that. This team's got good resolve. I expect 'em to be flying high when we get in here tomorrow, get ready to go. There's no better thing to get their attention than playing the Dallas Cowboys at home, in the Linc, in front of our crowd."

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