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Chip Kelly: This isn't Oregon offense

Chip Kelly was asked about bringing his offense to Philadelphia from Oregon. His answer was that he really didn't. (Though we all know he uses those concepts, of course.)

Chip Kelly met with reporters Thursday for the final time before Sunday's visit from the Detroit Lions. He was asked how close his offense is right now to the ideal he might have envisioned when he brought it from Oregon.

"I don't have an ideal. Our job is very simply to move the ball and score points. I don't really care what it looks like," Kelly said. "The offense we run here is not Oregon's offense, it's the Philadelphia Eagles' offense. It was put together by a group of really smart guys on the offensive side of the ball, and everybody contributed to it. There are some things we did at Oregon, there are some things that (offensive line coach) Jeff Stoutland did at Alabama, there are some things that (wide receivers coach) Bobby Bicknell did with the Buffalo Bills, there's some things that (quarterbacks coach) Billy Lazor brought when he was in the NFL and when he was at Virginia. There's things Pat (Shurmur, the offensive coordinator) brought from Cleveland."

Other highlights:

*Kelly said Nick Foles is "taking a lot of ownership of what we're doing here."

*Kelly said sacking a quarterback isn't always possible, that the primary aim is to make him move, to "get him off-balance."

*Kelly, who seems to enjoy banter with reporters, went R-rated when asked if defenses sometimes try to lure you into something by giving you one look early, then changing it.

"That's way too smart for me," he said. "I don't see that, and I know as a playcaller, we don't do that. 'Hey, I'm gonna call three (bleepy) plays in a row, and let them think the next one's gonna be (bleepy), and then we're going after 'em.' That's not my mentality ... Now, you may think (he's calling bad plays on purpose); write that. If there's a (bleepy) call on Sunday -- 'he's setting 'em up!' "

*Kelly was asked about the Detroit defensive line's reputation for chippy play.

"The reputation I know about those guys is that they're outstanding football players, they play extremely hard," he said.


WR Jeff Maehl returned to practice after suffering a concussion Sunday. LB Najee Goode (hamstring) and safety Earl Wolff (knee) remained out.