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Could CB Marcus Peters Be A First-Round Option For Eagles?

Under normal circumstances, the Eagles probably would have no shot, short of a fairly significant first-round trade-up, of drafting Marcus Peters.

Peters is considered the second best cornerback in this year's draft, behind only Michigan State's Trae Waynes. Strictly on talent, he's a top 10-15 pick.

Strictly on talent.

But there are "character'' questions about Peters. Last November, the 6-0, 198-pound defensive back was dismissed from the University of Washington's football team by first-year head coach Chris Petersen after a series of confrontations with the coaching staff.

Peters referred to it as a "miscommunication'' earlier today when he met with reporters at the scouting combine. Said he "didn't take the coaching transition too well'' when Petersen replaced Steve Sarkisian, who left to take the Southern Cal job. Sarkisian had recruited Peters.

While Peters' dismissal doesn't raise the kind of red flags that other more serious issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and drugs might, it still makes NFL teams wonder whether the kid is a hothead and whether he is coachable.

"I made some immature decisions and I have to live with them and learn from them and go (forward) as a man,'' Peters said.

"There are going to be some things that aren't going to go right. I went through one of the worst things that's going to happen to me in life. I got kicked off my team. I wasn't able to finish my college career with my teammates. I own up to that, man up to that, and am moving forward.''

Peters kissed and made up with Petersen a few weeks ago. Met with the Huskies coach and apologized for his behavior last year. Petersen accepted the apology and is letting Peters participate in Washington's April 2 Pro Day workouts.

Peters went back home to Oakland after getting thrown off the team. Had to face his father who also was his high school coach.

"He said I had to man up and take full ownership for what happened,'' he said. "It was hard at first to go back because he's not just my dad, but he was my high school coach.

"I went back and actually talked to my high school team and explained to them what had happened because there were some guys going on to the college level.''

Peters said last season's experience humbled him. Well, that and becoming a father last year.

"Bringing a child into this world has really humbled me a lot because now I have to provide for someone other than myself,'' he said. "I have someone that's looking up to me a lot. So I have to be 100 percent mature.''

How can he guarantee NFL teams that there won't be any blowups on the next level like the ones at Washington?

"I can't guarantee anything,'' he said. "Everyone makes mistakes. All I can tell them is that I've matured from the decisions that I've made in the past and I'm moving forward.''