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Dick Vermeil becomes latest public figure to blast Cowboys fan Chris Christie

If anybody liked New Jersey governor Chris Christie before, all it took was one high-five to turn them against him.

The Delaware Valley was in a pretty sour mood on Sunday night already, with the Eagles looking sloppy in a big loss to the Cowboys. This is about the time when mobs begin to form and look for a singular entity at which to lob their thoughtless vitriol. It seemed like it was just going to be the cat again - look at it, lounging there luxuriously like Dez Bryant - but then an image of Christie came on screen.

Christie, the New Jersey native who somehow became a Cowboys fan and loves not apologizing for it, was sitting next to Jerry Jones and celebrating with him when the Cowboys scored - and even worse, when the Eagles faltered - which in this region is akin to giving the devil a shoulder rub. Probably worse.

Dick Vermeil didn't like it one bit, as he told the 94WIP Morning Show. From CBS Philly:

"How about Governor Christie ... I was pissed, I'll tell you that. My wife and I looked at each other. I said, 'How dumb can a governor be?' You gotta realize that this community, New Jersey community, there are a ton of fans. But you know there are other teams around—New York Giants also, Pittsburgh Steelers, all these teams right there."

We can only guess at who Christie will hear from next in response to his mostly-hated behavior. The important thing is to remember that the angrier everyone is with the governor of New Jersey, the better the Eagles' cornerbacks will become.