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Kelly green uniforms? Maybe not as Eagles withdraw 'alternate helmet' proposal

Updated at 3:30 p.m. 

The Eagles are withdrawing all but one of their proposals for changes to the NFL's rulebook and bylaws, according to sources. One of the proposals they are withdrawing would have allowed teams to wear alternate helmets, creating speculation that the Eagles could wear kelly green alternate uniforms.

The only proposal that will remain is prohibiting a player from leaping over the line to try to block a field goal or extra point.

The Eagles are also withdrawing a change that would have made a long snapper a defenseless player, one that would have changed the challenge system by granting a third challenge to a team if they have one successful challenge, and one that would have extended the "crown of the helmet" to include the hairline.

The Eagles are withdrawing the proposals after getting feedback from the competition committee. They cannot be officially withdrawn until they are put up for vote at the league meetings next week in Phoenix.

The NFL requires that a team's permanent helmet be used with alternate uniforms. The effect of their proposal would have allowed for alternate helmets with those uniforms. As it currently stands, the Eagles' alternate uniforms are black and go with their midnight green helmets. A change would have theoretically allowed the Eagles to wear their throwback kelly green jerseys and helmets together.


From earlier:

The Eagles are proposing a new resolution at next week's NFL meetings that could excite fans who want to see the team in alternate helmets — perhaps even the popular kelly green helmets that are now throwbacks.

The Eagles want to take out the language in the league's third uniform policy that requires "only current, primary" helmets be used as part of a third uniform. The effect of the proposal is it would permit teams to have an "alternate helmet" to be worn with a third uniform.

The Eagles have worn black uniforms as their third uniform, but they've kept their same midnight green helmets. One of the reasons why a throwback uniform didn't make much sense for the Eagles to wear is because it would clash with the team's current helmets. But if this rule proposal goes through, the Eagles could potentially bring back Kelly green uniforms as an alternate with the corresponding helmet.

The Eagles are also proposing the following rule changes:

  1. Change the challenge system by granting a third challenge if a team has at least one successful challenge; they currently need two successful challenges to get a third challenge.

  2. Giving additional protection to long snappers on kick plays by making the long snapper a defenseless player. There would be a foul if there's unnecessary contact against the long snapper.

  3. Prohibit a player to "leap" over the line to try to block a field goal or extra point.

  4. Expand the "crown of the helmet" foul to include the "hairline" part of the helmet.