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Eagles notes: DeSean Jackson will be ready for the Eagles, 'for sure'

We're a little more than two weeks from the draft, which means news is slow. Therefore, we media need to do what we always do during the slow times to spice things up, or so I'm told -- Generate stories of our own! In the case of the 2014 offseason, that can only mean one thing -- More DeSean!

DeSean on Arsenio

DeSean Jackson went on the Arsenio Hall show Monday night, sans his Urkel glasses. He dropped a baby and took the opportunity to say he'll be ready to face Chip Kelly this season when the Eagles will face Jackson's Redskins twice.

"For sure in them two games, there's going to be something special about them two games for sure. I gotta definitely go up on that for sure."

For sure.

DeMeco Ryans occasionally looks really slow

It was reported over the weekend that QB Terrelle Pryor was going to be released by the Raiders, so I took a quick look at a couple of his games, as some Eagles fans were intrigued by his athleticism. How Pryor might fit in with the Eagles is now moot, as the Seahawks traded for him.

However, in watching Pryor against the Eagles, one play really stood out in a negative way. Keep your eye on DeMeco Ryans here, and watch as he has an angle on Pryor, but simply gets blown away. Pre-snap, Ryans can be found here:

OK, roll it:

Ryans is a great leader, an intelligent player, and a big hitter, but his lack of speed is alarming.

On LaMichael James as a trade possibility

The 49ers' LaMichael James is reportedly on the trading block, and anytime a former Oregon Duck becomes available, they are immediately linked to Chip Kelly. The Eagles are flush with RB talent. Obviously LeSean McCoy is a supreme talent, and Bryce Brown and Chris Polk serve as quality depth. Then there's Darren Sproles, who is listed as a RB, but really plays sort of an undefined position.

James only has 39 career carries in his 2 NFL seasons, so there isn't much to evaluate there. However, I do like his style as a kick returner. He's a north-south runner. There isn't much dancing, and even when he's making moves, he's still gobbling up yards in the process. This is just one example, but there are others like it.

Still, with only 6 picks in this draft, would the Eagles give up anything of substance for a player at a position where they're already strong? Don't count on it.

What I'm learning about anonymous sources

People hate them when the news is bad. They seem to be fine with them when the news is good.

Another WR visits the Eagles

This time it was Alabama WR Kevin Norwood. The Eagles have now brought in 6 WRs to the NovaCare Complex. In alphabetical order:

• Odell Beckham, LSU (5'11, 198)

• Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State (6'5, 240)

• Mike Evans, Texas A&M (6'5, 231)

• Cody Latimer, Illinois (6'2, 215)

• Marqise Lee, USC (6'0, 199)

• Kevin Norwood, Alabama (6'2, 198)


Tommy Lawlor of and I recorded a podcast, and talked about the draft for about an hour and 20 minutes.

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