On Friday, the Eagles gave the media a tour of some upgrades they made to Lincoln Financial Field. Below are pictures from my phone:

The Eagles added 1,626 seats to the formerly open corners of the stadium. That brings the new total seat count to 69,176. Here are new seats in one of those corners, which are designed to keep in more noise during home games. They also should keep some wind out, which will hopefully help Alex Henery. Oh, and selling more tickets is probably part of the equation too.

The Eagles are apparently beating the Panthers 32-13.

Here's a closer look at the corner seats.

And the view from those seats:

According to the Eagles' release, two HD video boards were were installed in both end zones, and LED ribbon-board displays were placed along each side of the stadium, presenting 360 degrees of video, animation, real-time scores, stats, and more. The blue and green sections are additions.

This is pretty awesome. Here's a vertical tower that will show fantasy football numbers, and more.

Field level view:

Oh hey! The Eagles kicked a FG. It's now 35-13 Eagles:

Here's where the monitors throughout the stadium are controlled. Also, the Eagles plan on launching a spaceship from this room in 2016.

Those are the main upgrades. Additionally, there will be 45,000 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections available, 49 new concession points of sale, new murals, TV monitors added to the club suites, new flooring, carpets, and more.

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