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Eagles worked out Tim Tebow on Monday; no deal in sight

The Eagles' unpredictable offseason continued Monday when the team worked out Tim Tebow, the polarizing quarterback who has not played in the NFL for the last two seasons. The Eagles did not comment on the workout.

No deal was announced with Tebow, and ESPN reported that the Eagles would not sign him at this time. But the mere mention of his workout became breaking news in the NFL, which speaks to Tebow's popularity.

Tebow, 27, was a 2010 first-round pick who last played for the New England Patriots in the 2013 preseason. Tebow spent three seasons with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets from 2010-12. He was the starting quarterback for the Broncos when they reached the playoffs after the 2011 season. cq all

Tebow completed 173 of 361 (47.9 percent) career passes for 2,422 yards with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also rushed for 989 yards and 12 touchdowns. He won 8 of 14 games as a starting quarterback, with a 1-1 postseason record. Tebow spent last season as a college football analyst.

The former Florida star won the 2007 Heisman Trophy and two national championships with the Gators. He lost out on the 2008 award to Sam Bradford, who is now an Eagles quarterback.

Tebow's quarterbacking career was cut short by an unorthodox throwing style and a lack of production as a passer. He was effective as a running quarterback, although Eagles coach Chip Kelly cited Tebow in 2013 when he explained the distinction between wanting a running quarterback and a quarterback with the ability to run.

"We did not run the same offense that Florida ran with Tim Tebow, where we're running quarterback power," Kelly said. "If there is an opportunity because a defensive end bends it and there's green grass and you can go get a first down, hook-slide real quick, give the ball to the official, get up again and get ready to chuck it.

"In this league you need to be able to throw the football and that's the first skill set that we're looking for. Repetitive accuracy is the number one quality we're looking for."

Accuracy has not been a hallmark for Tebow. He has been working with private quarterback coach Tom House, who also has trained Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

There was speculation that Tebow would need to switch positions to continue his NFL career. The Eagles evaluated Tebow as a quarterback, according to several reports.