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Early Birds: Eagles-Redskins fight rematch; Matt Barkley's development; LeSean McCoy's impression of DeSean Jackson

1) In the first game between the Eagles and Washington, there were six personal fouls and two ejections. From a shoving match with DeSean Jackson on the first drive to a late scuffle that sent Jason Peters to the locker room, the Eagles' win is remembered for its intensity that afternoon.

Players say enough time has elapsed since Week 3 that there likely won't be a carry-over when the teams meet again Saturday. That's especially the case for Peters with Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker, whose hit on Nick Foles started the fight.

"No, we're going [there] to win. Point blank," Peters said. "…I hadn't thought about Baker. I probably won't even get to block him."

Eagles coach Chip Kelly has not spoken to his team about it yet, but he said he always brings up keeping their emotions in check entering a game. He said it's no more important this week than last week. Washington coach Jay Gruden said it's an emphasis because the Redskins cannot afford those type of penalties.

The circumstances of that game were also different, with Jackson making his return to Philadelphia. That has dissipated a bit for Saturday, when the Eagles' playoff chances and Robert Griffin III's start are the central storylines entering the game.

Eagles center Jason Kelce even said that Baker's blindside hit on Nick Foles was understandable. The discord between the teams was in the moment, but not something that would reemerge three months later.

"I think there was some animosity during the game, but if you look back at that, really, what Chris Baker did, that's how you want your defensive linemen to play, in complete honesty," Kelce said. "You want your defensive lineman to get a hit on the quarterback whenever you can. So obviously, in the heat of the situation, it's our job to make sure that doesn't happen and we're going to be upset about that.

"But looking back at it, if I'm a head coach, that's how I want my defensive linemen to play. It really wasn't that cheap of a shot. Interception, fair game. But at the same time, you understand the way JP reacted, and I might have had a similar reaction if I was out there."

2) Matt Barkley has thrown one pass this season. He has not taken first-team snaps in practice, and there is no indication that the coaches have considered him playing this season. So how is the former fourth-round pick developing?

"I feel like I've grown a lot," Barkley said. "I have. My comfortability with the receivers and our personnel. The knowledge of the offense. I feel light years ahead of last year – that's for sure."

He said it's hard to determine where he is compared to the preseason, because he's practicing against his own team and not in live action. He said he has been pleased with his accuracy and arm strength. Barkley has become the No. 2 quarterback with Foles injured, so he is a Mark Sanchez injury away from playing meaningful football. But even when Sanchez struggled at times this season, Kelly did not think about a change.

"I'm not expecting anything until I see a nod from the head coach, and that's his call," Barkley said. "I'm just expecting that I'll do what I'm  responsible for, and that's to be ready to go in, and to know the game plan, and to execute. If that happens, I'll be ready. If not, I'll still be ready."

3) You might have seen LeSean McCoy's impression of DeSean Jackson this week. McCoy and Jackson both had a good laugh out of it.

"It's something to have fun with," McCoy said. "I sent it to him. He was laughing about it. We're good friends. It's a little joke."

McCoy said somebody on the team had the cutout of Jackson's head in the locker room, and he has worked on the Jackson impression over the years. He said Jackson probably has a cutout of McCoy's head to impersonate him. But the video was meant more for his teammates than for Jackson and other observers.

"After two losses, I'm trying to get these guys laughing, loosened up a little bit, get back to winning, get some good spirit around here," McCoy said. "That's what it was really meant for."