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Early Birds: Importance of Jason Peters; Confidence of team; Back in black

The Eagles are 3-0 when Jason Peters plays every snap. He did not play every snap against the Bills, but his presence was evident when considering the snaps he missed.

1) Jason Peters sat on the training table getting taped during the second quarter on the Eagles' 23-20 win over the Buffalo Bills. He watched the game on the big screen at Lincoln Financial Field. Dennis Kelly replaced Peters at left tackle, and was charged with back-to-back holding penalties.

"Hurry up and get the tape on, I got to get back out there," Peters told the trainers.

The Eagles are 3-0 when Peters plays every snap. He did not play every snap against the Bills, but his presence was evident when considering the snaps he missed.

"It makes us more solid," Peters said. "We're better when I'm out there."

Peters missed two games this season. He hasn't finished two games – both losses. He's had all types of injuries this season, and his importance to the team cannot be overstated.

"I think he has played well and he has battled," coach Chip Kelly said. "That's the one thing about Jason is he is probably one of the toughest guys we've had. There are a lot of times you don't even know what he has gone through, but what he does to prepare himself on a weekly basis to play; I think he's been a warrior for us to be honest with you."

2) Kelly said the biggest difference between the Eagles now and the Eagles two weeks ago is confidence. The players said they weren't down on themselves, but two wins can help brighten the mood the facility.

"I told those guys that sometimes they don't see in them what we see in them," Kelly said. "I thought we had a really good football team and what we did in New England and what we did last week wasn't a surprise to us. We had great confidence in them as a group and they needed to kind of go out and shake off what control that you can control and that's your preparation and getting ready for whoever that opponent is that you're going to play and then just go out and play. I think some guys overthink it a little bit, but I knew we had a good football team. I wasn't - my confidence in our group wasn't shaken because I've been around them a long time."

After the wins, the challenge is different. It's not necessarily dealing with "overconfidence," but rather how the players handle success. Much was made about the "53 Angry Men" T-shirts Jeffrey Lurie gave to the players. It's easier to be angry after losses than wins.

"Every week is its own individual set of circumstances, its own individual challenges that you have to be prepared for and that has always been the mantra," Kelly said. "I think sometimes when you look too far and you're looking down the road and you're trying to say, 'How do we do this,' you forget about what the task at hand is and the task at hand is getting ready to play Arizona, so we'll see. Maybe we've had success for two weeks. Can we handle dealing with success? And that's another challenge that we have to, as a group, kind of wrap our arms around and embrace."

3) The Eagles will wear all black uniforms on Sunday for the second time this season. The Eagles wore all black in a Week 6 win over the Giants. The Eagles wore black jerseys (with white pants) against the Cardinals in 2008 and 2013.

However, it's not always good luck. The Eagles lost to Seattle last December when they wore all black.