As always, win or lose, pretty or ugly, or even a little late (apologies), I present... 10 Eagles awards!

The "You Better Stack the Box" Award: LeSean McCoy

The Giants played the Eagles in their nickel defense for the better part of the game and often didn't bring a safety into the box. The Eagles run game made them pay, with LeSean McCoy going off for his first big game of the season. 22 for 149. The Eagles out-gained the Giants on the ground 203-85. Trenches... owned.

Also, the Giants didn't score.

The "All Talk No Action" Award: Jason Pierre-Paul 

In the week leading up to the game, the ridiculous New York media tried to bait Giants players into talking trash. Among others, JPP took the bait by saying the Eagles could easily be 0-4, even though they had played five games. #Math

JPP also led the Giants in stomping on the Eagles logo at midfield before the game. Unfortunately for JPP, he had to face this guy all game.

JPP was rendered nearly invisible for 60 minutes.

Remember that time the Giants stomped on the Eagles logo before the game, and then got shut out?

Yeah, that was fun.

The Nitpick Award: Me

For mentioning that Nick Foles' two interceptions were awful. The Eagles are 5-1 with the best record in the league. Expectations are rising, as they should be. However, for the Eagles to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders in the NFC, they need Foles' play to be much better. Fortunately for Foles, his two picks did not lead to Giants scores. In fact, the Giants couldn't score... at all.

The Sad Giants Fan Award: These guys

They watched the Giants get shut out.

The "Holy Crap, Do the Eagles Have a Pass Rush Again" Award: Connor Barwin and Co

The Eagles are second in the NFL with 19 sacks, just one behind the Detroit Lions. They also lead the league in forced fumbles, with 10. Holy crap! If they can continue to pressure the quarterback the way they have the last three games, the Eagles defense might actually be pretty good.

The Eagles pass rush was by far the biggest factor in holding the Giants to zero points.

The "Ice Up, Son" Award: Giants punter Steve Weatherford's leg

The Giants had 14 drives, which as we all saw, resulted in zero points. Here were the results of each of those 14 drives: punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, end of half, punt, downs, punt, punt, punt, fumble, end of game.

The Giants mustered 253 yards of total offense last night. They had 477 total punting yards. And a chunk of those yards on offense came in garbage time:

Also, to reiterate, the Giants had zero points Sunday night.

The Hilarious Timeout Award: Tom Coughlin

Facing a 27-0 deficit, the Giants had the ball with 1:51 left to play with the ball at their own six yard line. On the first play, they ran a go-nowhere draw to Peyton Hills, and it appeared that Tom Coughlin was going to do the smart thing -- Kill the rest of the clock, and get out of town without anyone else getting injured. Nope. Instead, they tried to mount a drive, calling all three of their timeouts along the way.

The Eagles haven't had a shutout since 1996, but they've had some close calls in the last six years.

In 2009, the Falcons scored on the last play of the game on a lucky bounce.

In 2011, the Eagles thoroughly dominated Dallas twice. In the first game in Philly, the Cowboys roasted Kurt Coleman, and Laurent Robinson hilariously spiked the ball even though his team had just been down 34-0:

And then later in the season, the Cowboys scored with six seconds left in the game, with Miles Austin hilariously spiking the ball:

Unfortunately for the Giants, they couldn't pass protect all day, so it really felt like there was no way the Giants were scoring. To me, anyway:

Brandon Bair would eventually seal the shutout with a sack of Ryan Nassib.

The Giants tried to ruin the shutout, which only made it more satisfying.

The Scumbag Award: The New York Daily News

The New York Daily News ran the following cover picture the day after the Eagles' boot-stomping of the Giants:

Nice narrative, NYDN. Except that the guy was celebrating the 4th down stop, not the injury. And you knew that, but ran that cover anyway. Scumbags.

Can you imagine a Philly paper making cover story about "mean NY fans" instead of blasting the team for putrid game? The fans would never stand for it.

Also, shutout.

The Shutout Award: Tommy Lawlor

My good friend Tommy Lawlor of fame has been pining for a shutout for years. I'm sure he celebrated with a 64 oz Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a family size bag of Funyuns in a bathtub full of pudding with Megan Fox. Congrats, buddy.

The Thank You Award: New York

For not showing up Sunday night. And for, you know, putting up a goose egg. Let's hear it for New York!

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