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Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Lions game

Well that was a fun game, eh? After an unexpected snowstorm covered the field at the Linc prior to kickoff, we knew it would be a memorable game, and the Eagles didn't disappoint. They've now won 5 straight, and are the sole leaders in the NFC East, at least until Monday night, when the Cowboys will take on the Bears. Here are 10 awards from the Eagles' snow game against the Lions:

The Michelin Snow Tire Award: LeSean McCoy

In the 4th quarter, LeSean McCoy looked like he wasn't running in snow, while the Lions defense looked like they were running in... well... snow. I'm not sure if Shady was using performance enhancing shoes, but he was awesome.

29 carries, 217 yards, 2 TD. LeSean re-took the NFL lead in rushing yards, after Adrian Peterson rushed for 13 yards on 7 carries today before getting hurt.

The Problem Solved Award: The Eagles' 4th quarter rushing attack

The last two weeks the Eagles had trouble getting any offense going while trying to protect a lead late in the game. The game against the Lions had a different feel to it, as they came from behind, and then had to protect the lead. But wow... 227 rushing yards in the 4th quarter. That's insane.

The Liar Liar Award: LeSean McCoy

Shady was asked after the game if he knew that Steve Van Buren once had a standout performance in a blizzard during the NFL Championship Game. His response:

"I know now. It doesn't surprise me. I actually watched some tape of him. He was pretty good and very dominant."

Come on, Shady. You watched tape of Steve Van Buren from the 1940's? You and I both know that never happened. If I held up pictures of Steve Van Buren and Martin Van Buren, you couldn't tell me which one is which.

UPDATE: Falsely Accused Award: LeSean McCoy

Apparently, there's video of Shady watching tape of Van Buren, ha. Sorry Shady.

The "Hey, the Eagles' Defense is Pretty Good" Award: Billy Davis

The Eagles gave up 3 TDs against the Lions. Two came on returns, and one was after the Eagles turned the ball over, giving the Lions the ball at the Eagles' 20 yard line. The Eagles simply are not allowing points on defense. That's now 9 straight games in which the Eagles defense has allowed 21 or fewer points.

The Brett Favre Award for Playing Like You're Just Having Fun in the Back Yard: Nick Foles

On his TD throw to DeSean Jackson, Foles said he was throwing to an area where there were two Eagles receivers, and he was just kind of hoping that one of them would catch it.

"I saw DeSean back there and I saw Riley coming across and I knew I just needed to throw it in their area," said Foles. "It was one of those things where you saw both of them and you just have to make a play, you have to give both of them an opportunity and they both adjusted well. DeSean came back to the ball, and in that kind of game it's like you are in the back yard like a little kid. You just have to make plays and give them a chance."

The "Eat it, Cowboys" Award: The Cowboys, and their bandwagon fans

You know how I know when things aren't going the Cowboys' way? When a bunch of their fans start tweeting at me that the officials are handing them the game:

It was pretty much a bad day through and through for the Cowboys. First, the Eagles won. That's the obvious bad part. But just as discouraging for them was that the Packers won. Why does that matter? Well, it has been rumored that the Packers would just shut down Aaron Rodgers for the season if they were too far out of playoff contention. With the Lions losing today and the Packers winning, the Packers are only a half game out of the NFC North division lead. There is no way they'll shut him down if he's ready to go next week when the Packers face Dallas. If he's healthy enough to play against the Cowboys, you can bet that he will.

The Offensive Mastermind Award: Cary Williams

Williams was apparently the brains behind the deep ball to Riley Cooper that got the Eagles' offense going. "Cary Williams was the one who came up to me," said Chip Kelly, "and he was like, 'Coach, this is what you've got to do because you can't make up speed if the guy makes a stick move on you because of the footing.' And Cary was kind of the one, and it's coming from a defensive guy saying, hey, if you have an opportunity to either throw a post or throw a corner route, it's hard to make up. Finally we hit Riley on it, it was almost like that kind of got us going, got our confidence back a little bit, and then we got rolling from there."

Cary Williams: Leader, sconce connoisseur, genius.

The "Show 'Em How It's Done Award: Brent Celek

On one of the last plays of the game, instead of scoring a TD, Brent Celek opted to slide. That enabled the Eagles to run out the clock with a few kneeldowns instead of sending the defense back out onto the field. It was an unselfish play by Celek.

But beyond that, Celek's slide actually was a slide. Teach Vick and Foles how it's done, Brent.

The "Not Spurrier" Award: Chip Kelly

My friend, the great Noah Becker, pointed out the following fact:

Chip Kelly, who is quite literally Steve Spurrier in a costume, just won his 8th game in one season, something Spurrier never did.

The Redskins Are Back To Being the Redskins Award: The Redskins

Apologies for the non-Eagle-related award, but that's just a glorious screenshot that needs to be seen by the world (h/t dcsportsbog).

Also of the "tremendous screenshot variety... This (h/t @mrsoybot):