As always, win or lose, pretty or ugly, I present...

10 Eagles awards!

1) The "Beat Somebody Worth Beating" Award: The Eagles

Yeah, yeah -- "Every win the NFL is tough to get," or something like that. But it'd be nice to see the Eagles beat a good team. They did beat the 6-4 Colts Week 2, although the Colts' record is artificially inflated by the six games they get to play in their awful division. Otherwise the Eagles' wins have come against crappy teams, and they have not taken care of business against the good ones.

The Eagles are a little bit like Penn State. Sure, they'll beat Temple every year, but when Ohio State comes rolling in, forget it.

2) The Tiebreaker Award: Other NFC teams

The three teams the Eagles have lost to are the 49ers, Cardinals, and Packers, all of whom are NFC playoff contenders. Their conference record is just 4-3. At the end of the season, if the Eagles find themselves with the same record as another team vying for a wildcard berth, the Eagles are likely not going to win that tiebreaker. It could be NFC East Champs or bust.

3) The Credit Where It's Due Award: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the best football player in the world, especially when he plays at Lambeau. Here were Aaron Rodgers' numbers at home from 2013 - 2014 heading into the Packers' matchup with the Eagles:

And here they are, updated:

His QB rating actually went down. That is unreal. In other words, he does that to everyone. (Not that the Eagles should be given a pass or something).

Rodgers. So hot right now. Rodgers.

4) The Award for Awfulness in the Field of Stopping Third and Long Situations:The Eagles' pass D

The Packers were 8-14 on the day on third down, which included the following 3rd and long conversions:

• 3rd and 9

• 3rd and 18

• 3rd and 10

• 3rd and 7

• 3rd and 7

• 3rd and 10

On the bright side, the Eagles did stop a 3rd and 35 after Matt Flynn came in the game. So there's that.

5) The Swiss Cheese Award: The Eagles' D

The Packers' first seven drives:

The highlight of the Eagles' day defensively was when the Packers' center snapped the ball over Aaron Rodgers' head. Big moment for the D.

6) The Turnover Award: The Eagles offense

After a brief hiatus from not turning the ball over last week against the Panthers, the Eagles made up it for it in Green Bay, turning the ball over four times. They were -4 on the day in turnover differential.

They now lead the league in turnovers, with 25, which three more than the Jags, who are second.

Here are the bottom 10 teams in turnover differential this season:

If you take the Eagles out of that mix, those other nine teams have a combined record of 23-67 (.256). The optimist might say, "Well gee, they can really be something special if they stop turning the ball over."

Yeah, well first they have to STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER!!!

7) Team Effort Award: The Eagles

My official grades for the Eagles against the Packers:

Special teams:




8) The "At Least It Happened in a Blowout" Award: The Packers three return TDs

The Eagles gave up a punt return TD, an interception return TD, and a fumble return TD. If there's a silver lining to that, and yes, this is a bit of a reach, at least that stuff happened in a game in which the Eagles got bludgeoned anyway.

9) The Show Up Award: Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews

Matthews had five catches, 107 yards and a TD (although he did have a chance to make a play on a catchable ball that he did not bring in before the game got completely out of hand). Maclin had nine catches for 93 yards and a TD. Were they the only guys who got off the plane?

10) The Clipboard Award: Matt Barkley

Poor Matt can't even get in the game when his team is down 53-13.

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