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Jeffrey Lurie: Howie Roseman will be held accountable for these offseason moves

Howie Roseman has been in charge this offseason, and owner Jeffrey Lurie said he will be held accountable for how those moves pan out. When the Eagles hire a personnel executive, Roseman will still be held accountable for the success of the football operations department.

"Without question," Lurie said. "And he'll be accountable for how well the player personnel department does in the future, because that's an important hire going forward. It's not just one person. It's a department. But he'll be responsible for the quality of that department."

Lurie said the Eagles always planned on delaying the hire until after the draft. They knew there was a limited pool of candidates after the season and a broader pool of candidates after the draft. Lurie said they allowed themselves to hire one if the right candidate came along in January, but they planned on needing to wait until the spring.

So far this offseason, Roseman has received a positive grade from Lurie. The owner likes the Eagles' moves and the way Roseman planned free agency.

"What Howie's been able to do is pretty outstanding in a league that values salary cap space and draft choices," Lurie said. "To be able to make those trades, align our resources the way we preferred and move forward from there – he's had a great plan. Just kept his nose to grindstone and did the right thing strategically, communicates outstanding with everybody. …At the moment, couldn't be more pleased."

Even though Roseman has the job duties of a traditional general manager, Lurie did not like that term. He said Roseman's role – and the entire department – is much more expansive.

"In today's NFL, I don't know what the words 'general' and 'manager' mean," Lurie said. "So we're trying to be more specific and say 'football operations.' Because when you're managing football operations, it's no longer about watching tape, figuring out who to draft and that kind of stuff. It's extraordinary collaborative. It's information intensive. And you might have all the right things, but if a player is going to be potentially injury prone, what are you basing it on? Are you basing it on sports science really doing the analysis? Or are you basing it on a gut feeling of the guy having a few injuries in college? No. We've got to play the odds a lot better. So information processing with all that's available."

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