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Kelly's plan for Joaquin: Adjust accordingly

The Eagles, like everyone else, are monitoring the weather forecasts on Hurricane Joaquin’s path and how it might affect Sunday’s game in Washington against the Redskins.

The Eagles, like everyone else, are monitoring the weather forecasts on Hurricane Joaquin's path and how it might affect Sunday's game in Washington against the Redskins. But Chip Kelly said Thursday the league has not told them anything yet as far as a possible change in the time or day of the game, or even a change in venue.

"There's been nothing told to us,'' he said. "We're preparing to play on Sunday. But there's been nothing definitive in terms of what's going to go on. So, when they tell us what we're doing, if the plan were to change, we'll adjust accordingly.''

Kelly said he will treat today's practice like "a normal Thursday, just like we're playing Sunday at one o'clock. If they make an adjustment, we'll all make an adjustment.''

"We're big on, if we can't control it, and obviously no one can control the weather, then we'll adjust accordingly.''

Two years ago, before a Sunday game against the Detroit Lions, Kelly remembers the weather forcast calling for a light dusting of snow after halftime. You may recall they got considerably more than that.

"I remember going out in pre-game and thinking, this is a little bit more than a light dusting,'' Kelly said. "I don't know what happened in the 15-20 minutes we went back in the locker room. But when we came back out, I couldn't even see my feet. But you had to make the best of it.

"No one can control what's going to happen. Neither Washington nor us. So whatever they tell us – when to play, where to play – if things change we'll just adjust.''

Asked about adjusting their game plan for possible rain and wind in Washington, Kelly said, "We talk about that. Every coach, we watch the weather more than anything.

"You're always trying to get updates and see where you are. Are you preparing for wind, are you preparing for rain? Then on game day, you're going to have to figure it out as far as which way is the wind blowing. Is it behind you, is it a cross-wind, is it behind you for two of the quarters and in your face for the other two? So you have make adjustments in the stadium.''