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LeSean McCoy defends 20-cent tip, calls it a 'statement'

LeSean McCoy said he tips based on service and did not apologize for the 20-cent tip he left for a waiter at PYT.

"The 20-cent tip was more of just a statement," McCoy said. "You can't be disrespectful and disrespect someone, and tip [the server]. ...That's why I left my card, so they can see my name. Simple as that."

The Eagles running back said that the waiter was "being rude and disrespectful." He stood by his record as a tipper.

"At any restaurant I go around Philadelphia, I tip very well and I'm very respectful," McCoy said, "If you check on that restaurant, the backlash they had from everybody talking bad about that place. But good food."

McCoy knew of actor Charlie Sheen's offer to donate $1,000 to the waiter.

"I'm happy he's finally doing something positive," McCoy said of Sheen.

McCoy did not take any lesson from the incident about being a celebrity, and did not back down despite the attention it's received.

I didn't do anything wrong," McCoy said. "If I had to do it again, I'd do it the same way."