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Michael Vick would like to join the hallowed annals of Washington Redskins history

It's been a fun experiment in New York with Michael Vick. He got to start three NFL games, he's had a front row seat to watch Geno Smith play a style of football that was deemed better than his own, and at 34, he is still in the league, after years of the physical trauma associated with such a career. Also, he is close to paying off an $18 million debt.

Vick is hoping his story continues next season, when his one-year deal with New York ends. For some reason, he isn't limiting his focus to returning to the Jets, who at 3-11 are possibly preparing to nuke their organization from orbit. Not only is Rex Ryan potentially (finally) at the end of his run, but you know when Jay Cutler's name shows up as a positive change, things are grim. Tonight, the Jets' Thursday Night Football match-up with the 2-12 Titans is being hailed as coal in any football fan's stocking.

So, where else would Vick be hoping to play in 2015? One team that he mentioned was the Washington Redskins, calling DeSean Jackson his "little brother." Vick couldn't discuss the possibility of playing for the NFL team closest to his Virginia hometown without "beaming like a child," according to reports.

Presumably, he will go from Washington to Tampa in 2016, completing the "NFL Teams Mired in Seemingly Endless Conflict" trifecta.