PHOENIX -- A year ago, there was little question that Nick Foles would be back as the Eagles starting quarterback. But after an injury-marred season and some regression, his name has once again been bandied about in trade speculation and reports that other teams have interest.

"I think you're going to hear about them every single year," Foles said on Thursday. "That's just part of it. I think the main word is 'rumor.' It's a rumor that you can't put too much into it. I only listen to the people at the [Eagles] facility, being Chip [Kelly]. He's the one that will make the decision."

Foles, who was on Radio Row at the Super Bowl, said that he was tuning out the noise. Asked if he thought he would be back as the starter in 2015, he said, "I plan on being back and being in Philly."

Unlike last year, Kelly never went as far as to say Foles was his starter after the season. But baring some unforeseen event, all signs seem to point to the Eagles coach bringing back Foles his fourth season with the Eagles.

Foles said that he hasn't spoken much to Kelly since the end of the season and since he was given full control over player personnel. The Eagles announced on Thursday that Ed Marynowitz was being promoted to vice president of player personnel.

"He's got a lot going on," Foles said of Kelly. "This time of year you really just get away from everything. He's busy looking at the draft, doing all that. I saw that he's more of a decision maker, but I haven't really talked to him much."

Foles said that his broken collarbone has healed. He missed the final eight games of the season. Backup Mark Sanchez took over and the 10-6 Eagles went 4-4 and missed the playoffs. Foles said he could have played if the Eagles had advanced.

"Looking back upon I would have been able to play if we were in the playoffs," Foles said. "If it was the first playoff game it would have been probably closer to 90 percent healed to where it was medically to the point where it would be solid enough. That would have been possibly the first time I could have played."

Foles likes to keep his offseason training location a secret, but he said he has been throwing and working out, per usual in preparation for next season.

"I've been training five days a week," Foles said. "Spending time with family like I always do and really just getting ready to get back out there. The collarbone feels really good -- broken through the scare tissue. Everything feels solid. Throwing it around a little bit and now I just have to wait until I get back next season."

Foles has one year remaining on his rookie contract. Sanchez' deal is up in March. There is growing speculation that Kelly will do whatever it takes to draft his former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, but few see him slipping out of the top six.

The draft class is considered to be weak at quarterback after Mariota and Florida State's Jameis Winston. There aren't many starting-caliber quarterbacks that are expected to be in free agency. Kelly could always attempt a trade with Foles involved, but the likely course seems to stay with Foles, who has a 14-4 record as a starter under Kelly.

Foles was at the Super Bowl doing promotional work and said that he was going to spend time with family that he has in the area. He and his wife, of course, went to nearby Arizona. And his father, Larry, owns several restaurants in the Phoenix area.

Foles said he had no plans to attend Sunday's game.

"It would be too difficult watching a game that you want to play in," Foles said.