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Pro Football Focus ranks Carson Wentz the best QB in the league

What else is there to say about Carson Wentz?

Leading the Eagles to two straight victories to start the season, the rookie quarterback out of North Dakota State has taken both Philadelphia and the NFL by storm.

Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane thinks that Wentz seemingly has it all, noting that "he has the mental maturity, the arm strength, a feathery touch, pocket awareness, athleticism and toughness."

McLane is not alone. On SiriusXM NFL radio Tuesday, Brett Favre said he's "impressed" with the rookie, adding, "I thought he handled himself the last two weeks with a lot of poise. ...He looked like the 10-year veteran."

According to the number-crunchers over at Pro Football Focus, Wentz's performance through two weeks makes him not only better than any other rookie quarterback -- it also makes him the best quarterback in the league.

Here's how PFF writer Chase Howell put it:

You read that correctly. Through Week 2, second-overall pick Carson Wentz — who only a few short weeks ago was set to back up Sam Bradford in Philadelphia — owns a 90.8 overall grade this season. That puts him ahead of Andrew Luck (87.9), Eli Manning (87.3), and yes, Bradford (87.2). While many predicted that the rookie out of North Dakota State would take a step back after his impressive debut versus the Browns (PFF analysts included), Wentz threw for 190 yards, a touchdown, and no picks against the Bears — he's yet to throw a pick this year — on his way to an 87.0 game grade. Wentz's yardage total should have been considerably higher, as his receivers dropped two deep passes that, if completed, would have totaled another 76 yards.

Let's not also forget the touchdown pass wide receiver Jordan Matthews let slip through his fingers. It was a toss that Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski described as traveling "in a smooth and flawless parabola from Wentz's right hand to the foot of empty air in front of Matthews' chest." To Sielski and a lot of Eagles fans, the drop was simply "aesthetically offensive."

Not surprising, PFF also ranks Wentz the best rookie in the league after two weeks, noting that he seems to be running away with the Rookie of the Year award already.

"His stats aren't overwhelming (they'd look better if he didn't have the second-most yards lost through the air due to drops, with 89), but he's doing so many things well that it seems incredible there were so many skeptics during draft season — myself included," PFF's Michael Renner wrote.

PFF initially rated the trade between the Eagles and the Browns that landed Wentz in Philadelphia an A for Cleveland and a C+ for Philadelphia, but did note that "ultimately the quarterback's performance will dictate whether or not this grade will be an "A" or an "F" in the future."