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Push to get Bradford done by Tuesday? After that, momentum fades

When it comes to contracts, deadlines spur action. So it seems with the Eagles and quarterback Sam Bradford; agent Tom Condon and team vice president Howie Roseman are scheduled to talk Tuesday, ahead of the 4 p.m. deadline after which the team can't franchise or transition tag its starting quarterback.

If that deadline passes, Bradford's camp will want to wait to see what might be in the offing during the "legal tampering" period that starts March 7, two days before free agency arrives. So Monday, there was a lot of buzz about a deal being close, and a source close to the situation said the Eagles are making a serious effort.

Not getting a deal done before 4 p.m. wouldn't mean the Eagles are out of the Bradford bidding -- that will depend on how much bidding there actually is -- but it would mean that they no longer control his rights. It would also mean they're willing to gamble on not having him back for 2016, which would indicate a certain level of lukewarmness (lukewamth?) toward the man who overcame two years of ACL tears and a rusty, out-of-sync start to 2015 to perform solidly down the stretch.

Condon and Roseman met in Indianapolis last week, at the NFL Scouting Combine, where FOX Sports reported the Eagles increased an initial offer in an attempt to get the deal done.

It seems increasingly likely the Eagles will bring back Bradford, 28, and that the money might be well below the $20 million a year projections that were being made when the offseason began. The other options don't look great for either side.

The Birds are hardly in a great spot, drafting 13th overall, to ensure themselves of adding a top-level prospect, especially one ready to play right away. The Broncos were reported Monday to be making a push to sign their pending free agent QB, Brock Osweiler. New Eagles coach Doug Pederson has touted Kansas City's pending free agent, Chase Daniel, whom Pederson worked with there, but Daniel will be 30 this year and has started two NFL games. Pederson also likes former Eagles starter Nick Foles, who is likely to be released after flopping with the Rams. Mark Sanchez, the returning Eagles backup, lost his two starts last season by a combined score of 90-31.

To Bradford's side, a source close to the situation said, the Eagles offer a solid organization and what looks like a good scheme fit. Plus, it seems unlikely other teams were so impressed by his 2015 season that they are ready to embrace him as their big-money starter. A month ago there was a lot of talk about what a good fit Bradford would be in Houston, but the Texans have made it known they aren't interested. They are expected to draft and develop a QB. Ditto the Browns. The Jets are expected to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Broncos to stick with Osweiler.

It sure seems that to both sides, the best option is each other. But if it doesn't happen by Tuesday afternoon, we're probably in for more drama.