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Reich says Eagles need to get the ball to Ertz

Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich stated the obvious Thursday, acknowledging that the Eagles need to get the ball to tight end Zach Ertz more.

In four games since returning from a rib injury, Ertz has been targeted just 13 times. He has nine catches for 92 yards in those four games. Just one first-down catch.

On Wednesday, when asked about it, quarterback Carson Wentz said: "Obviously, we know the weapon he can be and the weapon he is in this offense. But we feel confident that we have a lot of guys that can make plays. I think it all just starts with me getting the ball to these guys.''

Reich spoke about it with a greater sense of urgency a day later.

"We have to stay the course, stay the course, stay the course,'' Reich said. "Have a sense of urgency. Keep thinking about it. Keep trying to get the ball to him. And just have a breakthrough one of these games and get things back on track.

"We're pushing for that. We're thinking about it. We're planning for it. I can tell you each week there are X number of plays geared to go to Ertz since he's been back. And then the flow of the game (impacts), or they're holding him at the line of scrimmage on a couple of plays.

"Flow of the game. I know that's an out that you hear a lot. You're probably tired of hearing flow of the game. But so are we. We just need to make more first downs and get him the ball. He's a great tight end. And that's our plan.''

Reich acknowledged that the lack of practice time together this summer because of Wentz's rib injury probably is a factor.

"I think that's part of it,'' he said. "I felt early on that they had a natural connection. It's easy to have a natural connection with Ertz -- it really is. Because he's such a good route runner and he's so smart and he understands leverage and knows how to get open.

"Carson's equally smart and understands all that stuff. Those two should hit it off. And we need more production (from Ertz).''