In the last five Eagles games, Riley Cooper has dropped three very catchable passes in huge moments.

Playoff game vs the Saints

After putting up just seven points midway through the third quarter of the Saints playoff game and badly in need of a spark, the Eagles called a perfect play against the Saints' defense. They got a pick on the Saints defensive back, and Cooper was left wide open with all kinds of open real estate ahead of him:


Next play: Punt.

Week 2 touchdown drop vs Colts

This drop occurred in the first quarter against the Colts. It's a perfectly thrown ball by Nick Foles, and Cooper simply drops it.

The result of the drive: Missed field goal. That drop cost the Eagles seven points in a tight game.

Potential game winning TD drop vs 49ers

Nick Foles was certainly not sharp yesterday, but this throw in crunch time was perhaps one of the finest passes of his young career:

That's a ball that went through some traffic, but did not appear to be deflected by a Niners defender, and has to be caught. Obviously, we already know how that drive ended.

Riley Cooper signed a five-year, $25 million contract this offseason. He is not making the Eagles look smart by giving him that deal.

If Cooper continues to blow opportunities like the ones above, the Eagles need to begin thinking about putting a wide receiver in there who won't.

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