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School principal uses Super Bowl champion Nick Foles as example for students

When Principal Doug Enders calls together Highland Elementary's first through fifth grades for their monthly address, called "The Mane Event," because the mascot is the Stallions, and that is hilarious - children, if you're reading this, this is what's known as a "run-on sentence" and it's terrible - he often invokes the image of Nick Foles.

Why? Comic relief? Does he make Napoleon Dynamite jokes? That's terrible.

No. He doesn't. He utilizes Foles' ability to bounce back after facing adversity to inspire his students, citing the Eagles' quarterback's less than stellar performance against the Cowboys in Week 8 and the record-setting seven touchdown performance against the Raiders in the week that followed it.

Then he makes some bold predictions.

"When Nick Foles took the field two weeks later, he delivered a record-setting performance by throwing seven touchdowns against the Raiders in Oakland. What an amazing example of grit and determination! Many fans and members of the media have jumped on the Foles bandwagon once again. I am sure that when the Eagles win the Superbowl this year [fingers crossed] and Foles is the MVP, we will look back at the Dallas and Oakland games as the defining moment of their season."

Go Nick Foles! Go inspiring children!