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Study: Eagles are the whitest team in the NFL

According to a study done by, the Eagles have five more white players (25 in total) than any other team in the NFL. The next closest team is the Texans, which is kind of funny considering the Eagles regularly import white Texans players -- Connor Barwin, Jeff Maehl, James Casey, Donnie Jones, Bryan Braman, and Andrew Gardner are all former Texans currently on the Eagles' 53-man roster.

The study is loaded with other interesting Eagles-related or area-related nuggets:

• The Eagles are the 14th heaviest team in the NFL, with an average weight of 247.5 lbs.

• The Eagles are the 12th tallest team in the NFL, with an average height of 74.12 inches.

• 60 NFL players were born in Pennsylvania. 51 were born in New Jersey. Two were born in Delaware.

• New Jersey has the 13th highest number of NFL players per 100,000 residents, at 0.573.

• Pennsylvania has produced the fifth most Pro Bowl players, with 13.

• Piscataway High School in New Jersey has produced four current NFL players, tied for seventh most in the country.

• Chip Kelly's former college (Oregon) has produced the ninth most (tied) Pro Bowl players, with five. Oregon has also produced the second most Super Bowl winning players, also at five.

• The Eagles have seven former Pro Bowl players on their roster, which is below the league average.

The study in its entirety is definitely worth a look. (h/t BleedingGreenNation)

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