Todd Herremans is very confident that he and his offensive line teammates will open up some holes in the run game in 2013.

"I think that the running game, passing game, I think that they complement each other," said Herremans. "We'll have plenty of opportunities to do both as we go on. Depending on the game, the gameplan, and who we're playing, you may see more of one than the other, but I think that our running game will be second to none."

Comminication among the offensive linemen will be different this year. Yesterday, offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland explained. "There can't be any lag time," Stoutland said. "As soon as a play is over, we need to turn to the sideline immediately, or to the quarterback, immediately, and find out what the next (play) is and let's go. We can't wait around and take our time, and think through. You don't have time for that."comple

All 5 offensive linemen can make line calls. "It's not just one guy," said Stoutland. "Somebody can overrule me or you, based on what's happening to their side."

When asked if there were "too many voices" involved, Stoutland simply answered, "No."

Herremans added, "There are a lot of silly things (Stoutland) has us call out that help the rest of the O line get the picture."

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