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What NFL players do each of the Eagles' rookie draft picks try to emulate?

Submitted without comment, here are each of the Eagles' seven 2014 draft picks, and what NFL players they tried to model their game after in their journey to the NFL.

Submitted without comment, here are each of the Eagles' seven 2014 draft picks, and what NFL players they tried to model their game after in their journey to the NFL.

1st round pick, OLB Marcus Smith

"Coming up, I played quarterback, so there really wasn't any defensive players that I modeled my game after. But now, when I look back and I try to go look at people, I try to look at Dwight Freeney and Clay Matthews.

"When they rush, they're non-stop. It's like when the fourth quarter starts, I just like how their enthusiasm shows, and I like how they don't get tired. So I want to get to that where I'm not tired in practice, nor in the game."

2nd round pick, WR Jordan Matthews

"Jerry Rice."

3rd round pick, WR Josh Huff

"Growing up I always watched guys like Steve Smith, DeSean Jackson, Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin. Those are physical receivers, and DeSean Jackson is more of an elusive guy, quick in the open field and he's fast, so those are the guys I try to mold my game after. I think I've done a hell of a job with that.

"I'm not afraid to go over the middle. If that's what it takes to get my team down the field, then that's what I'm going to do. If they need me to catch deep balls, then that's what I'm going to do."

4th round pick, CB Jaylen Watkins

"Deion Sanders is from my home town, so obviously he's the inspiration for every kid out of there. Growing up, I watched film on him, and spoke to him personally. I don't try to model myself after him, but he's definitely an inspiration.

"I wouldn't say I'm similar to (Rams CB) Janoris Jenkins, but I really like his game. I played with him my freshman year at Florida, and he's one of the better corners I've seen in person. He's physical, competitive, and his confidence is out of this world. He doesn't back down form anybody, it doesn't matter who it is."

5th round pick, DE Taylor Hart

"I remember watching Justin Smith. When I got to college I paid more attention to him, because obviously it's the same position. His game is just similar to what we did at Oregon. He's a taller guy. Just growing up, I was trying to learn what he was doing, and try to match that."

5th round pick, S Ed Reynolds

"Growing up I played running back and safety. I always wore number 29 because I always wanted to model my game after Eric Dickerson. I was a huge E.D. fan. And then at safety, for my generation it was the Ed Reeds, the Sean Taylors, the Brian Dawkinses. With my dad, (it was great) learning about the history of the position, learning about Ronnie Lott, learning about Jack Tatum and those old school guys, and just watching how they played the game.

"I wouldn't say I had one guy that I specifically focused on, but just trying to look at all the greats, and picking apart their games as best as I could."

7th round pick, NT Beau Allen

"I've played in a lot of different defensive schemes. What's nice is, in college, we had all the NFL tape. They'd send over their sack reels, and their game tape. In pass rushing I always watched Warren Sapp. Every interior defensive lineman is going to say that. But one guy I watched a lot in the offseason, just getting ready for the transition from college to the NFL was Dontari Poe from the Chiefs. Obviously, he was a really good nose guard last year, and he's a young guy too. He's really big, really athletic, and I think that's kind of the archetype for nose guards in the league right now. I've been watching a lot of his film, and trying to emulate him a little bit."

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