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Chip Kelly: Nick Foles evaluation coming this offseason

Chip Kelly is not yet ready to make a decision on the Eagles' future quarterback situation, but he said he would evaluate Nick Foles based on what they've seen and will not need to delay the decision another season. Foles started eight games this season and 18 games in two seasons under Kelly.

"I don't think you can look back on it and say this clouds this and this doesn't cloud, because that's reality of it: He got hurt," Kelly said. We've got to make decisions moving forward in terms of what we're going to do. ...It doesn't matter if I [got enough of a look.] The reality is the reality. So I can't say, 'Hey, let's not make a decision because I need to see him play 16 more games', and certain times we're going to have to make decisions. We're going to make it based on what we have. We don't have any control over the injury."

Kelly explained a thorough evaluation process that includes watching every pass and every decision. It takes "a while" - but it will need to wait for the coming months. He will also need to see what else is available.

"We'll sit down and thoroughly evaluate everything," Kelly said. "It's no different than any other position. Tell us what we have available right now, we'll talk a look at it, let's detail it, let's go through the film again, let's put our heads together, let's get everyone's opinion on it and make valid decisions."

Kelly did not come out and say Foles is the quarterback for next season. He might say that at some point, but it will require a more thorough evaluation than he could make at this point in the year.

"I just haven't evaluated anything," Kelly said. "…For me to stand here on Wednesday, the day before Christmas, and say I made my full evaluation of a quarterback is not fair to anybody."

Foles has been at practice and meetings throughout his recovery from a broken collarbone. Kelly called Foles "the ultimate teammate."

"Nick's been great," Kelly said. "You knew it last year when Mike was here. Nick's the ultimate teammate. He's a great supporter. …He's been at every meeting, he's been at every training session. He's been vocal at meetings. He's been vocal at practices. He's got a lot of good comments in meetings. He watches things, he observes things."