Ahead of their Dec. 17 game against the Washington Capitals, the Flyers will be holding a "Favorite Things" auction, in which fans can bid on baskets of memorabilia intrinsic to a particular player or coach on the team.

Courtesy of Comcast-Spectacor Charities, here's the list of items in the various baskets. Please note the first item in coach Craig Berube's: an autographed "Get Lost" welcome mat.

The backstory: On Oct. 8, the Flyers beat Florida 2-1 in Berube's first game running the show. After the game, I asked Berube if he planned to punish or discipline forward Jay Rosehill, who had taken a roughing penalty (a particularly dumb one, I thought) in the third period to hand the Panthers a four-minute power play.

Berube told me to "get lost." Television cameras captured his answer for posterity. And here we are.

Truth be told, that Berube and the Flyers came up with this idea is very, very funny. But I have to admit that I'm rather conflicted about this. On the one hand, I'm disappointed no one from the Flyers asked me to autograph the mat, too.

On the other hand, I'm totally going to outbid EVERYONE for that basket.