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Galvis and the bench continue to struggle

Maybe getting on the road will be the best thing for Freddy Galvis because the Phillies infielder is obviously pressing.

Then again, who wouldn't press when getting just 2 hits in the first 38 at-bats?

Galvis also made a base-running blunder, getting caught in a run-down and had a miscommunication with Chase Utley on a key Toronto single in the fourth inning when the Phillies were employing a shift during Tuesday's 6-5 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays in 10 innings.

Ryne Sandberg pinch hit John Mayberry Jr. for Galvis in the sixth inning

The Phillies realize that Galvis will never be a great hitter. In fact last season he batted .245 in Triple-A and owns just a .246 minor league career average.

Still, the more he struggles at the plate with the Phillies, the more he will continue to press.

The Phillies may have to think of sending him down, just in hope that he can regain his confidence.

And of course Galvis isn't the only one from the bench who has struggled. Jayson Nix is hitting .171 Mayberry is hitting .160 and has driven in two runs since opening day.

Tony Gywnn Jr. (.256) has been a good bench performer who has provided a spark when starting in center for Ben Revere.

Wil Nieves has just 19 at-bats, but appears to be a solid backup catcher.

Still, this is a bench that could use upgrades. Darin Ruf is playing games in extended spring training while recovering from his oblique injury that he suffered March 20.

The Phillies have Cesar Hernandez crushing the ball at Double-A Reading, but as outlined in Monday's story, he needs to work on his defense at third base and shortstop before being called up.

For now, Galvis remains on the team but for how long? It's not as if he hasn't had experience in the past. Over the previous two years, he had 395 at-bats for the Philies.

Galvis can still fill in several defensive positions, but he needs to get his confidence back at the plate. While not a power hitter, he belted a total of nine home runs the previous two seasons with the Phillies.

So Galvis simply has to relax, not the easiest of tasks. If he can't play the care-free way of the past two seasons, then Galvis should again get a refresher in the minor leagues.