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Dodgers celebrate Phillies road trip with concession item Phillies should probably sell

Yeah, the Phillies have hot dogs at Citizens Bank Park. Sure, they couldn't legally open the stadium without offering cheesesteaks. But why is it that the Dodgers, whom the Phillies are visiting for what will likely be a trying four-game series starting tonight, were the ones who thought to force the two to breed?

The Philly Cheesesteak Dog, available with the #Phillies in town this week. Get tickets:

Is it kind of a crime against nature? I don't know, I'm not a nature expert. My instinct is yes. But my instinct is also to eat it, which I can't do, because it's just a picture from the internet and the real, edible ones are all in Southern California.

Which is the point, Phillies. If you're not going to offer a super-watchable team this year, at least let us take a few years off of our lives with food like this. Please.