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Mitch Williams explains what inspired him to curse out umpire in front of 10-year-olds

Williams isn't a stranger to cursing people out in public, getting banned from his daughter's basketball games in 2008, and telling Lenny Dykstra, who'd been bad mouthing him, to "get the **** out of my way" in 2013.

Back then, Williams claimed he never used profanity.

@MikeinDH mike I am sorry but I didn't drop f bombs. I told him to get away from me.if your kids had to hear him say about u for 20 years

The video shows otherwise.

Which brings us to this past weekend, when Williams, coaching his son's team at a Ripken Baseball tournament in Aberdeen, MD, felt like his point could be made best from a more mustache-adjacent position with a little league umpire.

@HitMeSEO to set the record straight. I was thrown out for laughing at a call.then the threatened to fight me.said pick a time and place.
@HitMeSEO for those that think I'm making this is on film.,and when he threatened me 1 of my coaches came out and put his hands on him
@HitMeSEO the ump and moved him away.the ump said you can't touch me.what the ump didn't know is my coach is a judge. And my coach told him
@HitMeSEO if we weren't in Maryland you would be in handcuffs and arrested for threatening me. All I care about is the kids.the entire game
@HitMeSEO is taped by Ripken. They have it and it will show everything.ive never seen an ump at so out of control especially at a 10yrold gm
It started in the 1st inn, the ump yelled at the opposing coach,then yelled at me.i asked why r u yelling at me I haven't even met u yet.

Witness accounts seem to indicate that Williams was the aggressor, not long after an audio announcement from Cal Ripken asking everyone to "let the players play."

That's twice now that Williams, despite evidence to the contrary - in one case video evidence - defended himself without question.

And so,

I regret what happened at this weekend's tournament & apologize. I love baseball & coaching.