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Nationals continue obsession with 2008 Phillies

It's getting repetitive to type, but only because it actually keeps happening. The number of Phillies - specifically, members of the 2008 World Series champion Phillies - picked up by the Nationals grows uncannier by the signing.

  1. Jayson Werth

  2. Brad Lidge

  3. Matt Stairs

  4. Eric Bruntlett

  5. Chad Durbin

  6. J.C. Romero

  7. Chris Coste

Four of five have since retired after unremarkable/solely minor league tenures with Washington. And now,

The #Nats have agreed to terms with 1B/OF Greg Dobbs on a Minor League deal.

Can you even make the argument that you are signing Greg Dobbs (who is hitting .077/.077/.077 in 15 games with the Marlins this season) at this point for any reason other than weird spite? Or some kind of "pod people" scenario?