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Phillies can 'definitely' win the NL East, says Ben Revere

Ben Revere has been on a pretty time-consuming public relations tour for the Phillies this offseason, showing up recently in the clubhouse for a Christmas-themed appearance.

Revere spoke on a variety of holiday-related topics, from popcorn and peanuts to the screws he just had put it in his ankle. He's been everywhere, from the Christmas party, to last night's Eagles disaster, to whatever event required him to throw on his most dapper vest, where he finally lost control of his endlessly chipper Ben Revere-ness:

For anyone who watched Revere limp and wince his way through what seemed like 3/4 of the season, that he would have a set of ankle screws on his Christmas list comes as no surprise. But it seems his no-longer-falling-off ankle had him in very high spirits.

"One of these years, we're gonna get that right spark and it's gonna click," he said in a different interview, now careful not to specify which year.

The Phillies don't think they can do so until at least 2017, but something like "team philosophy" isn't strong enough to smother Revere's optimism, as we learned this past September.