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Phillies new security measures will include metal detectors

After tinkering with the idea in the second half of last season, Citizens Bank Park will now install metal detectors for all fans entering the facility. The new security measures will function during baseball games, concerts, and any other events held at the 43,647 capacity stadium.

Last July, the Phillies insitituted the program at the right field gate to test the feasibility of the system on fans. With no incidents of note, the program has been greenlit, and fans can expect to pass through metal detectors starting at the Phillies' On Deck Series against the Pirates on April 3 and 4.

"The safety of our guests has always been one of the Phillies' top priorities," said Sal DeAngelis, Phillies Director of Operations/Security. "The addition of metal detectors is the next step in advanced security measures at Citizens Bank Park. We believe this increased security can be accomplished with very little inconvenience to our fans."

Fans should be prepared to momentarily part with their phones, keys, and other metallic items during the process.