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Phillies unveiled space age park employee uniforms 45 years ago

Back in 1969, NASA looked to the heavens and decided to go for a walk. And in what had to be a celebration of man conquering the sky, the Phillies started making their employees dress like they were clocking in for a shift on Space Station 76.

Were the Phillies trying to elbow their way into the space race? We can only assume that yes, they were. These days, the stadium employees have a far more grounded job description; tossing confetti, singing "Happy Birthday," and activating the Phanatic's shock collar when he gets too rowdy and "physical."

Back then, though; the Phillies were ready to vault into the future, and had the "what the future may have looked like in 1969" uniforms to do so. How could they have known that space travel would become a mostly ignored and/or canceled event by 2014, and that the majority of our focus would be on cat videos playing on a small rectangle we keep in our pockets?

Welcome to the future!