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Montgomery will remember 'Roy the person and Roy the warrior'

Phillies team president David Montgomery had a great deal of respect for Halladay, both on and off the mound.

Roy Halladay's sudden retirement has brought about a flood of praise from former teammates, managers, etc.

Phillies team president David Montgomery was among them.

"The word that he used that speaks volumes is 'respect,'" Montgomery said. "And I think those of us that had the opportunity to deserve him over the last 4 years would come back and say we have tons of respect for Roy. Those first 2 years, obviously the respect was for the accomplishments on the field. Whether it's the perfect game, the postseason no-hitter, the Cy Young, the 102-win season. The whole thing."

Montgomery continued, saying it was a lot more than a very good pitcher taking the mound every fifth day.

"But the respect we have for him continues past that," Montgomery said. "The reality is he was a great teammates. He set an incredible example with his own workout routine and commitment. The respect extended to what he felt was his commitment in this last year to get back out there … his tremendous respect to the commitment he made to our club, but more importantly, almost, was the commitment he thought he made to our fans. 'Hey, I signed up for 4 years and I'm going to figure out a way to give you all four. Come hell or high water I'm going to do it for you.'

And the other thing is, and today's a good example of this, the influence his family had on him and the respect he has for them. And his work with the (Halladay) Family Foundation and Philabundance.He was an extraordinary American League pitcher that we got to know so well and in so many different facets. And in every one of them he exceeded expectations."

Montgomery on Halladay fulfilling expectations:

"The on the field expectations were high, but i don't think we realized in totality what the influence was going to be in the organization. … He recognized that he was the leader of our starters. That was a responsibility, and not every player realizes it, but he certainly stepped up to the plate and did that as well. It was certainly more than what he did every 5th day. Those workouts out whatever time in the morning at Bright House Field, his preparation. Just extraordinary."

On what he'll remmeber the most about Halladay:

"I think Roy the person, in total. We can all point to - I remember shaking hands with him after he threw the (no-hitter). The way he took the field against the Giants in the LCS when he wasn't 100 percent. But he knew, hey, I'm Roy Halladay. I have to be out there. And we won that game and it extended the series. And the battle with (Chris) Carpenter in 2011. It's Roy the person and Roy the warrior."

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