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76ers-Nuggets Best/Worst: Murray, Thompson and turnovers coming out of timeouts

Here's my look at some of the best and worst performances from the Denver Nuggets' 106-98 victory over the 76ers on Monday at Wells Fargo Center.

Best performance: This was a tough one. Make that an extremely tough one. But I had to give this to Jamal Murray. The reserve rookie guard finished with 22 points on 8-for-12 shooting.  He made 3 of 6 three-pointers and had eight rebounds. Fourteen of his points came in the second quarter.

Worst performance: This has to go the Sixers' Hollis Thompson. The reserve guard missed all three of his field-goal attempts – including his lone three-pointer –  en route to being held scoreless.

Best defensive performance: Even though Sixers center Joel Embiid had a career-high five blocks, this award goes to Nuggets center Jusuf Nurkic. The reserve forward finished with  three blocks and two steals. He also had eight points and a game-high 10 rebounds.

Best performance by a Sixer: Sergio Rodriguez wins this award after producing 17  points and a game-high seven assists. The point guard made 7 of 14 shots and including 3 of 6 three-pointers.

Worst statistic: You have to give this to the combined turnovers. The Sixers (19) and Nuggets (19) combined for 38 turnovers.

Best statistic: This award goes to the Nuggets' second-half three-point shooting. They shot 6-for-12 (50 percent).

Worst of the Worst:   This goes to the Sixers' final two possessions. They had a five-second violation on the next-to-last possession. Then they threw the ball out of bounds. Both possessions came out of timeouts.

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