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Andrew Bynum is someone else's problem now

Lots of things going on this morning here in Phoenix so let's get at it.

Word out of Cleveland is that Andrew Bynum has been suspended indefinitely by the Cavalier due to "conduct detrimental to the team."

When the Sixers faced Bynum earlier this season it seemed pretty apparent that the knee injuries that cost him his year in Philadelphia were reducing the once dominant center into just a screen setter at the offensive end and a rebounder on the defensive side. He has been able to get on the floor for 24 of the Cavs games this season and in an average of 20 minutes was collecting 8.4 points and 5.3 rebounds.

While no one in Philadelphia will feel sorry for Bynum, as he collected $16 million from the SIxers for playing as much as I did last season. I always thought that if his knees were preventing him from playing, it was a shame that at 24 years old his career was being taken away from him. Of course there were stories of him not being on board with many of the people he should have been on board with when he was with the Lakers. Perhaps some of that also happened in Philly, though almost all toed the company line when asked about Bynum's behavior.

Now the word out of Cleveland is that the center isn't happy with the direction of the team. This coming from a man who was given a two-year, $24 million contract (with just $6 million guaranteed) after not playing a season? That is a major turn-off. You know what else will be a turn off? When Bynum winds up getting what he wants by signing with a team like the Clippers or Heat.

Be happy, Sixers fans, that he will forever be someone else's problem.

Back to the Sixers, at shootaround this morning at US Airways Center in Phoenix, coach Brett Brown said that Evan Turner did not participate in the morning workout due to a sore knee. Brown did say that Turner would play tonight, however, when the Sixers take on the Suns.

"They key to the game is really what we have been poor at, getting back in transition defense with two great guards in (Eric) Bledsoe and (Goran) Dragic and guarding the three-point line," said Brown. "It's a real challenge for us in the new part of our season to start preparing and fixing things that we really need to work on."

The Suns got smoked on Friday night in Golden State by 115-86. Still, they have won eight of their last 10 and are facing a Sixers team that has lost 12 of 13 on the road this season.

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