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Andrew Wiggins' camp prefers Sixers, report says

It is no secret that the 76ers are interested in Andrew Wiggins. They have reportedly had him atop their big board all season, and recent reports suggest that they have contacted Cleveland about moving up to the draft's first selection spot in order to ensure Wiggins' selection.

If the freshman from Kansas is unavailable, the Sixers will take whoever is left between Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker, according to ESPN's Chad Ford, but Wiggins is the top target, and apparently the feelings are mutual.

According to Ford, of the top three teams in the draft - the Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks and 76ers - Wiggins' camp sees the Sixers as the best possible fit.

Considering the premium the Sixers place on athleticism, IQ, and ability to get out on the break - all of which are Wiggins' strong suits - it makes sense that his camp would see the Sixers as a solid match.

While Wiggins possesses an unbelievable upside and true superstar potential, he is not the most NBA-ready player in the draft. He would likely benefit from growing alongside other young guys like Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel.

With the Sixers, there wouldn't be so much pressure to deliver instant impact. Instead, Wiggins would be afforded the opportunity to grow with the team as they build back into a contender. The ability to develop at a practical pace without high pressure is a luxury he may not be granted with the Bucks or the Cavs, teams with more immediate expectations.

Although the Sixers have inquired about moving up in the draft to secure Wiggins, there remains the possibility that he will still be there at three. Embiid's health and Australian guard Dante Exum's hype will have a pretty big bearing on how the top picks shake out.