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Chris Bosh doesn't like the Phillie Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic is pretty popular in Philadelphia. He is so popular in fact, that the team began marketing, and selling (successfully none the less) those weird green hats with the long ear flaps in his resemblance.

Kids love watching the Phanatic cruise around on his cart, and drunk dudes love dancing with him atop the dugout.

The Phanatic has been around since 1978, and is widely viewed as one of the best mascots in sports.

But, despite the acclaim, not everyone loves the fuzzy green guy.

In light of the recent Pierre the Pelican disaster, some NBA stars were asked over All-Star weekend what other mascots' appearance they would alter given the opportunity.

Dwayne Wade volunteered his team's own mascot, Burnie, while James Harden admitted that almost all of the NBA's full-size furry figures used to scare him as a kid. The Magic's mascot received a couple votes, as did the Phoenix gorilla, and Portland's own Blaze the Trail Cat.

Then, Chris Bosh, of getting championship confetti stuck to his lip fame, went all inter-sport, and brought the Phillie Phanatic into the conversation.

"The mascot for the Phillies," Bosh replied to the question, as a horrified look crept onto his face.

"I don't know what that thing is, it's kind of scary," he continued. "I'm sure it's frightening some kids in the audience, it frightens me sometimes. That's why I don't watch the Phillies games."

So there you have it. If you were ever wondering why Chris Bosh doesn't watch Phillies games (you weren't), now you have an answer. Although, I don't know how much room Bosh has to talk, as many have been slightly scared by Bosh's own appearance.

Check out the video of the players' responses below (Bosh comes on at :52).