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Evan Turner fought teammate at Pacers practice, report says

Remember back when Evan Turner had "cursed" the Pacers? People were hinting that the Sixers trade that sent him to Indiana was also somehow responsible for the team's sputtering. That is, of course, ridiculous.

Yahoo! Sports explains that the "cursing" Evan Turner does is at one of his teammates, after a fight.

"On the eve of this Eastern Conference series, the wobbling No. 1 seed punctuated its final playoff preparations in a most self-destructive way: Two Indiana Pacers dragged a cursing, cut Evan Turner out of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court, untangling him from a practice-floor fistfight with teammate Lance Stephenson."

Apparently, the conflict had been building for weeks, and was bound to happen sooner or later, it's just... the day before a playoff game isn't perfect timing.

Stephenson isn't the most delightful player - ejections, threats, and moping are all in his repertoire - and his prickly demeanor likely didn't improve matters in the Pacers locker room as the team faltered and stumbled the past few weeks.

But clearly, Turner is no stranger to the occasional fisticuffs. He seems to be even a connoisseur.

Just drove past a cat fight. Wasn't bad