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Getting J.J. Redick should be atop Sixers' free-agency to-do list

The team certainly can use a spot-up shooter, which Redick is.

The free-agency period will open at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

The 76ers' No. 1 priority should be devising a package to bring J.J. Redick to Philadelphia. The addition of the sharpshooter would be a perfect follow-up to their drafting Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick Thursday night.

The Sixers desperately need a spot-up shooter, and Redick has become one of the best in the NBA. The unrestricted free agent has averaged 15.8 points and 44.0 percent shooting on three-pointers for the Los Angeles Clippers over the past four seasons.

He also exhausts opponents with constant motion on offense. That's something the Sixers could use to create space for Joel Embiid on the block and allow Fultz to get more open looks.  And Redick is a dream teammate for a pass-first player such as Ben Simmons.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Redick is seeking $18-20 million a season.  With the hope of resigning Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the Clippers probably won't have the money to pay him that much.

But the Sixers will.

Some might argue that it's a gamble to tie up $80 million over four seasons on a 33-year-old such as Redick.  The Sixers would probably prefer to go two to three seasons at the maximum. I find it hard to believe that Redick would turn down a two-year deal at $20-25 million per season from the Sixers. That would be a big bump from the combined $27.7 million he made during his stint with the Clippers.

The Brooklyn Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans also could be possible destinations for the shooting guard.

The Spurs would provide him the best opportunity to win a championship. However, he would probably take a pay cut and come off the bench there. In Dallas, he would help to provide a ton of spacing. And declining Dirk Nowitzki's $25 million team option could create enough cap room to lure in Redick.

Brooklyn would be a great fit if Redick decided to choose money over winning a championship. One thing in the Nets' favor: Redick bought a $4.2 million penthouse in Brooklyn last summer.

In New Orleans, Redick's shooting ability would be the perfect fit alongside Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. So he'll have some options.

However, not a lot of teams can give Redick more money than the Sixers.  He would also be assured of playing a vital role in the offense, while providing veteran leadership to a young core.

That's why acquiring Redick would be a great thing for the Sixers.

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