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Actually, John Hackworth is the longest tenured coach in Philadelphia

I know, I know. It's really fun to point out that Chip Kelly, less than half a season as the Eagles head coach, is the "longest tenured coach in Philadelphia" now that Peter Laviolette has been fired.

But it's not only known to literally everyone at this point, it's also factually incorrect.

There are many coaches in Philadelphia, and Chip Kelly is not the "longest tenured." In professional sports, the Union's John Hackworth was promoted to head coach of the team in June 2012, 217 days before Kelly was hired. The Soul's Clint Dolezel has been their head coach since August 2012, 148 days before Kelly.

And that's before you get into college sports, where most of the coaches have been here longer than Kelly.

  1. Phil Martelli (since July 1995)

  2. Matt Rhule (since December 2012)

  3. Jay Wright (since March 2001)

  4. Fran Dunphy (since April 2006)

There are also many other ways to say "longest tenured:"